Reduced Annual Taxes by $167,000 in First Term as Highway Commissioner

Mike’s number one campaign promise was “Lower Taxes”. We are proud to say he has lowered taxes three out of four since being elected. And the other year they remained flat. He and Lee Jennings have done this by running Nunda Township with the tax payer in mind and never compromising quality. Other municipalities have seen the way Nunda is now operating and many have begun following suit. There is hope for Illinois.

Paid Off All Debt

When Iron Mike and Lee Jennings took office in 2013, the township owed over $750,000. They controlled spending and reduced that number to $0 in a single term of office.

Co-Sponsored Crystal Springs Road Re-Paving

Before 2013 election, Mike said he would work with the Village of Bull Valley to get Crystal Springs road paved. This process began the year he took office. As of January, 2017, the funds are in place to pave Crystal Springs Road this year.

Co-Sponsored $3 Million Fed Grant for Bull Valley Road, Country Club

As Highway Commissioner, Iron Mike assisted the City of Woodstock, Dorr Township and the Village of Bull Valley in Federal grant applications. They received $3 million dollars to pave large sections of Bull Valley Road and Country Club Road.

Nunda Flood Relief – 2013

Before Mike was inaugurated as Highway Commissioner, he began working (for no pay) at the Nunda Township Highway Department. Only weeks after he started volunteering, the Spring floods threatened to consume numerous homes in the township. Iron Mike worked alongside the outgoing Highway Commissioner to ensure Nunda residence were as safe and dry as possible.

$2.2 Million in Federal and IDOT Grants

On behalf of the Nunda Townhsip Highway Department, Mike has applied for and been awarded $2.2 million in Federal and Illinois Department of Transportation road improvement grants.


Worked with municipal and township neighbors to maximize efforts in all aspects of right-of-way maintenance. Not always the popular decisions, but Mike has shouldered criticism for many positive, cooperative efforts between local municipalities. Click here for a NWHerald article on an event that led to one such effort.

Donated Personal Equipment Time

Mike has leased an excavator and dozer to the township for $0. A value in equipment time exceeding $30,000.

Built Award Winning Recycling Center

Click here for more on Nunda Township’s recycling center.

Expanded Asphalt Maintenance Program


Started Annual Nunda Touch-A-Truck event


Facility Improvements to Increase Employee Productivity


Efficient Equipment Maintenance


FEMA Reimbursement

After the 2013 floods, Mike applied for FEMA reimbursement funds on behalf of Nunda Township. The Township was reimbursed $253,463.41 for the resourceses and man-hours it spent on flood relief.


Personal and Private Sector Accomplishments


Married thirty-five years to love of his life, Cindy. They have raised three wonderful and very accomplished children: Jordan, Benton and Courtney. Cindy works in the office for Iron Mike’s Enterprises, Jordan is a Local 1 Union Laborer, Ben works as an aircraft technician and Courtney is a high school English teacher.


Nunda Township business owner for over 35 years. Iron Mike’s Excavating is a successful construction and development company.

Fourth Generation Eagle Scout

Mike is a proud Eagle Scout. His father, grandfather and his great-grandfather are also Eagle Scouts.

New Hope Christian School – President and Founding Member

Instrumental in starting a Christian school in Wauconda, IL and served as President and Principal from 1987 – 1993.

Donated Materials, Labor and Machine-Time to Build Multiple Local Youth Athletic Fields/Courts

Built youth baseball fields and a volleyball court at Crystal Lake Central High School. Donated my time and resources to do the excavating and sewer & water work for the Raiders (Crystal Lake youth football) concession stand, bathrooms and storage area. Also volunteered to build baseball field at New Hope School and have delivered unknown amounts of materials to youth sports complexes in Lake and McHenry County.

Katrina Relief Aid

Coordinated volunteer labor to build (here in Nunda Township), deliver and complete, on site, a modular home for an outstanding citizen and neighborhood grandmotherin Pearlington, Mississippi. Her home had fell victim to Hurricane Katrina.

Northbrook Sports Club in Hainsville – Member


Ducks Unlimited – Member


Missions Board Chairman (Former)

Volunteered as the Missions Board Chairman at the Evangelical Free Church of Wauconda, IL. During that time Served as a short term missionary to Albania (eastern Europe) and Venezuela.

Coaching Local Youth Athletics

Coached over ten seasons of youth athletics, both before his children were born and their teams.

Boy Scouts of America – Donor & Volunteer

Supports the Boy Scouts through financial gifts, volunteering time and excavation equipment time.

Mission Padamo, Venezuelan Rainforest

Served on board of Mission Padamo, a Christian mission in Venezuela. Mike has coordinated efforts for and executed the export of heavy equipment to Venezuelan rainforest on the missions behalf. He has also coordinated many volunteer building projects on location in Venezuela.

NRA Lifetime Member


Semper Fi

Mike is the son of two Marines. He was born in 1962 on the Crossroads of the Marine Corps, MCB Quantico.

Crystal Lake Raiders Youth Football – Coaching

Mike and Cindy raised their children in Crystal Lake (Jordan, Benton & Courtney). He coached Jordan and Benton’s teams in Raiders football for five years. Mike built character, work-ethic, teamwork, discipline, self-worth and self-esteem into the youth on his teams.