Donna Ocasek – Resident of Crystal Lake

“I was impressed with Highway Commissioner Mike Lesperance. He kept his promise not to raise taxes and he cut his budget by $20,000.

Thank you, Iron Mike, for lowering our taxes and keeping our streets safe. We wish more people would use you as a role model.”

-Excerpt from a “Letter to the Editor”, Northwest Herald, 12/23/13.

Jennifer Osterman-Keyes- Resident of Holiday Hills

“But kudos to Iron Mike who actually did a whole bunch for everyone in the township,” Osterman-Keyes added, referring to Mike Lesperance, who recently won the Nunda Township election for highway commissioner.

Many in Holiday Hills credited the Nunda Township for a swift and thorough response to the floodwaters.

-Excerpt from “Floodwaters still causing headaches for Holiday Hills residents”, Northwest Herald, 4/29/13.

Paul Smith – President of Oakwood Hills

I want to extend my personal THANK YOU to both Mike Lesperance of Nunda Township & Robert Miller of Algonquin Township for their kind, generous, and low cost options, as well as the excellent work they have provided The Village of Oakwood Hills with our Road Projects & Repairs. Your service to our community is greatly appreciated.

Paul J Smith
Village President

Pamela Althoff – State Senator

Dr. Mr. Lesperance:

I was pleased to see recent news on winning the McHenry County Green Award on behalf of Nunda Township Road District for innovative and successful waste reduction efforts. Kudos and congratulations!

The McHenry County Green Award recognizes your outstanding hard work and originality to better our community. For this, I wish to thank you.

I am sure your efforts will inspire other road districts, keep it up!

Pamela J. Althoff
State Senate, 32nd District

Don Kopsell – Former Nunda Highway Commissioner

“I have told Mike to treat everyone the same way and make your decisions on that. He’s making the boys work and he’s handling people the way he should. He’s learned fast.”

-Excerpt from Nunda’s Township Perspective, September 2013

Lee Jennings – Nunda Township Supervisor

“It is with great pride and sense of accomplishment that I announce that Nunda Township is now Debt Free!

When our Road Commissioner Mike Lesperance and I were elected a little over three years ago the township owed a combined debt of almost 3/4 of a million dollars.”

-Excerpt from the newsletter “Nunda Township: Fall/Winter Edition – 2016″

Todd Weihoffen – Mayor of Lakemoor

“Mike is an unbelievable individual. His hard work and dedication are inspiring. The work he does, his community service record and the way he has raised his family all speak to his character and ability to be Nunda’s Highway Commissioner.

-Mayor Todd Weihoffen introducing Mike at the Citizens to Elect Iron Mike fundraiser.

Dennis Garber – Resident of Carpentersville

It has been brought to my attention that the Herald ran a letter from someone who was upset by the work of Iron Mike. I cannot sit still without letting the people who read this hear my story.

I was having trouble with my flooding basement. I had several companies come out over a period of about two years. The problem remained. About two years ago, I was told about Iron Mike’s (Excavating). I contacted him and he came out to check the situation out. He informed me that the problem was the way that my property was landscaped. Whenever we got a heavy rain, the water ran towards the house and caused flooding.

He quoted me a very reasonable price to correct the problem. He was out here in a matter of days. He worked all day with his crew and did an excellent job. he handled all the details of getting permits and having utility lines located. The bottom line is, I have not had a problem since he did work. Given the rain that we got this past spring, my basement remained dry.

I would highly recommend Iron Mike. I would hate to see his reputation ruined by one person’s opinion.

-Unpublished “Letter to the Editor” from 2014.

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